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In a constantly-changing world, only people who are consistently improving themselves come out on top. As the world is changing, you must be changing. Empower yourself to deal with the challenges that you face in your personal life and in your work/business life with a personal or group mentoring and coaching course by Glisson J. Heldzinger. Just Imagine Mentoring (JIM) is Glisson's training company. JIM endeavours to truly empower people and transform their lives so that they can maximize their potential, their relationships and their personal happiness and satisfaction. Many people have been transformed by the many life-changing modules available through the individual and group mentoring courses on offer. Courses include:Effective goal-setting; Developing healthy self-esteem; Effective study-methods; Developing strong self-confidence; How to use your imagination more effectively; Business-writing skills.

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In order to attain and sustain success for an organization, it is imperative that leaders understand and apply the principles of effective leadership. In any social structure, whether it be a family, a club, a company, a corporation, a church or a national government, everything will rise and fall on leadership. Effective leadership entails two critical components, namely attributes (the level of competence of the leader, his experience and skill and overall suitability for the position) and attitudes (the leader's nature, values, morals and principles which directly affect his performance and relationships). Leaders must have a healthy balance of good attributes and a good attitude in order to be effective in their leadership position. Leadership effectiveness can be defined as 'the ability to attain and sustain organizational objectives and longevity' and it is within the framework of this definition of leadership that Glisson provides leadership training through the platform of GLOW (Glisson Heldzinger Leadership Optimization Worldwide). Training sessions are available for all types of organizations. The following courses are on offer: Stimulating collaborative-thinking for teams; Understanding leadership and management; Effective business communication skills; Business English; How to be a star salesperson; Organizational problem-solving; Overcoming negative attitudes in the workplace; How to conduct effective business meetings; How to be an effective public speaker.

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